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Amx aims to make gear rentals more streamlined(more efficient and effective) by using technology to employ faster and simpler processes. Our marketplace connects creative professionals with equipment. Renters can search across thousands of vendors at once, and order on-demand delivery and pickup. The different types of equipment are used for music videos, movies, tv commercials, skits, events, and more


AMX has a sales and marketing and customer service team focused on acquiring and retaining customers for equipment rental. Vendors can safely make money renting gear out to vetted creative industry professionals.

Amx Vendor Agreement Terms

Once you agree to our terms we would upload your gear to the website and all social media platforms and start promoting.

How it works

If we get a Renter (customer) interested in your equipment we will reach out to you regarding availability of the gear

  • Send payment to you
  • Pick up the gear(Take pictures to confirm what was picked up and in whats state)
  • An Amx Rep stays with the equipment during the period of the shoot(depends on type of customer)
  • Renter signs an agreement
  • Rental is for 24 Hours. After 24 Hours the equipment is returned to you the vendor

Security Trust and Safety

  • Vetting: Our team verifies identity of all Renters, social media reputation, and payments .
  • Every Renter(customer) submits a valid IDCARD
  • Every Renter Sign an agreement form that states that, the customer is liable for any thing that happens to the gear during the shoot period
  • Amx Market Hub Camera /Gear Technicians (Amx on Set Reps)
    Amx Market Hub has a team of Camera Technicians. The Camera Techs, sometimes accompany the Gear to Location for security and to ensure that the gear is well taken care of. This is for major shoots and for Customers that are renting for the first time.
  • Insurance : To help protect both our Renters and Vendor we offer the option for Vendors to do affordable insurance for their gear using Leadway Insurance or Axamansard. We already have a relationship with the companies and can facilitate the process.(This is currently not compulsory but greatly encouraged)The Insurance coverage is very affordable and covers for damage, loss, and theft. If you are interested in getting Insurance request for full details via email – vendors@amxmarkethub.com

Terms Specific for Vendors

For purposes of this section, “you” means a Vendor who has posted a Rental Listing on Amx Market Hub. If you post a Rental Listing on Amx Market Hub, you must either own or be lawfully allowed to rent out every item you offer.By posting a Rental Listing, you agree to follow terms:

  1. Rental price:For each gear you (the Vendor) is in charge of selecting rental price but we usually advise that you stick to the generally accepted market rental price or go lower than the market price(offer discounts) to ensure that your gear is been rented often
  2. Accurately Describe the Gear. You will ensure that all of your Rental , regardless of whether they are posted by you or by Amx Market Hub on your behalf, are accurate and give a full and honest description of the listed Gear. This includes, but is not limited to: the make of the Gear; any physical, mechanical, or other defects in the Gear (“Pre-Existing Damage”) ; and any other specifications of the Gear that a reasonable Renter would find problematic to prevent any needless misunderstandings. You represent and warrant to Renters that: (i) the Gear is in good working condition; and (ii) you have the right to rent the gear. It would be better If you take actual pictures of your gear for the website. Renters have the right to cancel and ask for a refund for a Rental due to any defect or limitation on functionality not listed in the Rental Listing or revealed.
  3. Wear and Tear. Normal “wear and tear” resulting from normal usage of the Gear during the Rental Period should be expected. By posting a Rental Listing, you acknowledge and understand that a Renter, upon payment of the Rental Payment, is not liable to you for such normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear may consist of minor cosmetic damage such as scuffing, nicks, abrasions, or scratches of non-functional surfaces. Normal wear and tear does not include, andRenters are fully responsible for, any damage:(i) resulting from “misuse of the Gear” or negligence; and (ii) relating to functional elements of the Gear (e.g., switches, buttons, and lenses). If you notice any damage beyond normal wear and tear on your Gear after the Rental Period, you must report it to the Amx Market Hub team within 24 hours.
  4. Fees and Billing: Service Fees. For each rental, we charge a service fee (“Service Fee”) as follows: 30% of the Gear’s advertised Rental price as listed on a Rental Listing by you the Vendor. The Service Fee helps cover our commission and services to run the Rental process smoothly. This includes promotion, payment processing, member vetting, equipment pick up, customer service, tech support and Amx Rep (Camera Tech) Fees.

If we decide to change the terms in the future we will communicate the new terms with you.

Please read full rental contract here

Rental Contract

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